The illuminated ice rink is there to bring joy both to young and old skaters. The ice rink is illuminated in the evenings and music plays in the background. Skaters can use their own skates, but skates can also be rented from various companies in Otepää which rent out winter gear.

Skates can be rented from the following companies in Otepää:

*Fan-Sport at the Karupesa Hotel /
*The rental desk at the Pühajärve SPA & Holiday Resort /


  • Before entering the ice rink, skaters must read the rules and are required to observe the rules on the ice. The rules are designed to protect you and must be followed.
  • Entering the ice rink is prohibited when the relevant signs are being displayed.
  • First of all, please ensure that your health condition permits you to skate on an ice rink. All skaters skate under their own responsibility and are responsible for any injuries which they may sustain. In the case of an accident occurring, please call 112.
  • Before starting to skate, please ensure that your skates and protective gear are in good condition (this includes making sure that the laces on your skates are properly tied).
  • Do not bring any unnecessary items onto the ice rink which may get in your way or in the way of other skaters.
  • Choose an appropriate skating speed which does not disturb other skaters.
  • The direction of skating on the ice rink is anti-clockwise.
  • Entering the ice rink without having your skates on is prohibited (with the exception of members of staff who are responsible for cleaning the ice or who are helping a beginner).
  • It is recommended that you wear gloves, a helmet, and protective gear when skating.
  • If there are skaters and ice hockey players on the ice at the same time, the ice rink is notionally divided in two.
  • Everyone on the ice rink must take care to keep the ice as clean as possible. Any object that is dropped on the ice, even a tiny piece of paper, may cause a skater to tumble and fall.
  • The ice rink is not an appropriate place for snow battles.
  • Damaging or breaking the equipment on and around the ice rink is prohibited, as is using it for purposes for which it is not intended.
  • Intentionally damaging the ice is prohibited (such as by punching holes in the ice with the tips of your skates).
  • The ice rink is maintained by the Otepää Winterplace and skaters must observe any directions that are given by Otepää Winterplace members of staff. This includes vacating the ice for maintenance purposes.
  • Using the ice rink under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other psychotropic substances is prohibited. Smoking is also prohibited.
  • Taking dogs or other animals onto the ice rink is prohibited.
  • Please respect other skaters. Do not place yourself or others in danger.

Have fun skating!