The Ahhaa science igloo is closed.


The largest and most modern science centre in the Baltic countries is also represented at the Otepää Winterplace. Every winter season, a science igloo which is unique to the entire world is built here using real snow. In the Ahhaa Science Igloo, visitors can playfully acquaint themselves with science matters through experimenting and discovering.


  • Plasma balls - An electrode sits in the middle of a gas-filled glass sphere. The electrode continuously emits electric charges and, thanks to the gas, numerous bright plasma rays spread from the middle of the sphere to the outer surface. If you place your hands near the globe (or on its surface) you can change the direction of the charges and the spots they reach.
  • Letter puzzles - Even though people learn to write at an early age, this exhibit puts to the test even visitors who are very good at writing. The catch is that it is not so much linguistic skills that are required, but spatial thinking. Various letters have been broken up into several smaller pieces, and you can try your hand at putting together an H, T, or M.
  • The kaleidoscope - This exhibit consists of six mirrors, and it generates various patterns with the help of reflections. The gigantic kaleidoscope can be peeked into from both ends. All of the patterns that are generated are gorgeously symmetrical thanks to the orderly layout of the mirror system.
  • The laser table - What is a laser?  It is a source of light which transmits beams of light that are of a uniform wavelength and intensity. The exhibit demonstrates simply, but efficiently, how a laser works. A transparent cylinder contains glass objects of various sizes and shapes with a laser in the middle of them. When the cylinder is turned, the laser beam passes through the pieces of glass, giving rise to an enjoyable light show. Take a closer look and you will be able to see how the path and the reflection of the laser beam changes when it comes in contact with glass objects of various shapes.



The AHHAA Science Centre is located in Tartu. Its purpose is to promote the value of learning by offering everyone an opportunity to make their own joyful discoveries. Behind this is a greater purpose for the AHHAA Science Centre which is to introduce science to the wider public. Currently, the various events that are organised by AHHAA have been visited by more than three million people of all ages. The main form of presentation is the ‘hands-on’ exhibitions, but it is also possible to take part in the work of the planetarium, various workshops, or the science theatre. There are various study programmes being offered for schools. AHHAA welcomes visitors of all ages for a meaningful day that is full of great activities.

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